Top 5 Tips How to Identify SEO Scams

Top 5 Tips How to Identify SEO Scams

Have you ever cheated by a fraud company in the name of SEO services?

Did you face any SEO scammer or fraud company and freelancer before, who waste your time and money a lot and never complete their promise to rank your website on the search engine? OR Have you lost your 1k dollars for the name of an SEO scam and doesn’t get ample traffic? So yes you are right place here you find easily who is fraud company and freelancer or Which company is best for you here are some Top 5 Tips How to Identify SEO Scams

SEO is not a “quick fix.” Complete SEO Techniques Takes Many Weeks or months to give proper Result. And there are no shortcuts to give an instant result.  Proper SEO is not “do and done” It will take time and depends on your website DA, PA, and your backlinks weightage and credibility of your Money Website.

SEO isn’t a science. While it’s there are sets of decisions and practices that everybody follows, the whole idea of SEO is predicated on Google’s algorithms. These Rules or algorithms change much of the time, thus does the scene of SEO.  SEO is an ongoing best strategy that will require continual Work and Regular Maintenance. If you get your money website up to the top of Google (Search engines) then you will be relaxed coz. Your website will stay there for a long time.

1. They guarantee unbelievable results:- 

Top 5 Tips How to Identify SEO Scams
Top 5 Tips How to Identify SEO Scams

Many Successful Agencies or Freelancers will promise you to rank your website on the first page of search engines (Google) for a particular number of keywords in a particular time frame. That is fine and isn’t a Red flag.

What Do you want to watch out for are strange guarantees like Top ranking on search engines?

To be a rank huge competitive keyword in a very short time
# These kinds of things are simply not possible to be guarantee

Consider some more how the guarantee is given. Different industries require different work and time for effective SEO strategies. For example, more competitive, crowded industries will always take longer to see results. If any Company or freelancers promise you to give the best result without asking about your business, you must be very Skeptical and warn them and tell them you are a fraud person and don’t call me again.

2. They claim “insider knowledge”

Top 5 Tips How to Identify SEO Scams

In short and very simple, nobody knows absolutely how search engines like Google’s algorithm work properly. It is so widely complex and ever-changing that Google jobholders or engineers don’t know how its works to its perfection. When it will be changing. Rich SEO testing is based on industry experience and publicly available information promoted by Google.

A few Expert has insider knowledge, Therefore agencies claim that they can be the biggest red flag when shopping for SEO work.

3. How Long Does It Take To Rank on Google?

Top 5 Tips How to Identify SEO Scams
Top 5 Tips How to Identify SEO Scams

Now, legitimate, many company or freelancers claims that they ranked your website in 3-4 and more months. They are wrong. Your money website ranking depends on your Web DA, PA, and backlinks. It plays a major role in ranking. If your website Domain authority and page authority were strong then you ranked your site in few weeks over your expectations and secondly, If your website has high-quality backlinks already.

Or your site linked to other high authority sites which have above 30 DA, PA then your chances will increase 30% over your expectations. But you make fool by companies or freelancers. If your website has credibility, your site will rank in 1 or 2 months, but it depends on keywords of how competitive they are.

4. They do restricted techniques it causes a major penalty.

Top 5 Tips How to Identify SEO Scams

This point can very tough to catch, especially when if you still polish up your SEO knowledge. Many years ago there were SEO techniques that were highly effective when Google’s algorithm was in its infancy. Most of them don’t work today, and many will hurt your ranking rather than actively help.

There are too many numbers of SEO techniques like social bookmarking, directory submission, guest post, article submission, forum post, image submission, ETC., and many types of strategy are there like 3 tier link strategy and link wheel strategy, etc. When the beginning of Google’s Algorithm. Most of the techniques and strategy don’t work at all today, and many actively techniques hurts your website ranking rather than help

Some common ones to look out for:-

1. Duplicate Content:- Duplicate Content refers to well-known as “copy and paste” Quality content plays a major role in website ranking. Content help to rank your keywords very fast in your website. If you used plagiarism content then search engines will decrease your ranking and increase spam score, this is a clear indication of manipulation in search engine rankings ranking and usually results in a poor user experience.

2. “Keyword Stuffing” – It cramming as many search keywords as possible into your content, Header tags, and Meta descriptions

3. Article Spinning:-  It is a technique Something like duplicate content. This is a next-level Plagiarism strategy and it involves using unique types of special software and websites which takes the copied content and rephrases it for later use as “smile”, “laugh” post

4. Buying Paid backlinks :- It is very popular techniques many frauds buy low quality backlinks that will increase your spam score and decrease your website value and quality.

5. (Private Blog Networks) or PBNs – A Huge network of dummy blogs used only to rank other websites with high DA, PA.

These all point to be known as the black hat SEO technique

5. They blamed your website Technology platform

Top 5 Tips How to Identify SEO Scams
Top 5 Tips How to Identify SEO Scams

Again, many companies or freelancer’s blamed your website technologies after not getting results as they were promised you. Because they really don’t know the algorithms properly and how to do genuine SEO for your site and get the traffic they totally waste your many week and months, money, and Time and at last blamed your site technology but this is wrong. A true SEO expert will not doing any promises. They will send proper reports regularly and do site audits in days regularly, research new strategies for your money website so be aware of these types of Fraud Company and freelancer.

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Please do comments and give your feedback on this blog’s Top 5 Tips How to Identify SEO Scams to help you find out fraud companies and freelancers. We hope this blog will help to find out frauds people and help to save your time and money

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